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Hey everyone! For my old followers on this Blogspot (and hopefully many new) I am back!
I have been debating on and off for the past few months about whether to restart my blog back up that isn't Tumblr related, because let's face it, Tumblr is getting a little redundant and boring all over again. One of my friends brought up the idea once again to start a foodie blog mixed in with everything else that I always do, so here it is.

Although this will be a first post, I will be adding more about the places I've eaten at so expect a large amount of posts about events that are not in chronological order but I want archived in this blog. My blog won't also be 100% updated until about a week (because I have no life and all I do is study and eat and sleep anyways).

Anyways, started off the day bright and early with my boyfriend Stephen so we could head to Toronto for brunch at La Société. I've been wanting to go to this restaurant for quite a few months now, but for people who know me and my busy schedule they know I don't get a chance to do this as often as I dream to (although already fairly often). The places I dine at are usually over the average price that many are willing to spend (our bill came up to $77 for brunch), but that's because good food in a wonderful area never comes cheap! 

Let me give you a bit of background on the restaurant before I start musing on and on about the wonderful food.

La Soci
été is located on Bloor Street West in the wonderful location I know better than the back of my hand: Yorkville. It's a French Bistro that opened grandly on June 2011 and, well not to sound too posh, but you should dress nicely because most people are dressed nicely and for brunch, definitely your Sunday best! Also the interior of this bistro is absolutely gorgeous. What I really love about this place is that although it's known as a  French Bistro, it doesn't just stick to that as it's main specialty. Although we only went for brunch, I've heard marvelous things about their seafood and regular menu (they also have $1 oyster nights on Thursdays after 5pm!). 

Our reservation was at 12:30 p.m and we were seated promptly upon arrival. I ordered the French Vanilla Waffle with Maple Syrup, Berries and Sweet Butter ($12) while Stephen (my boyfriend, for those of you who are strangers to the blog) ordered Steak and Eggs: Grillzed 7oz AAA Striploin with Fried Eggs and Potato Hash ($27) and I also ordered the French 131 cocktail ($13) to drink.   

Cocktail and bread arrived in less than five minutes! Stephen loves bread at restaurants and I too love trying different loafs as well as the variety of spreads served. I honestly wasn't expecting any for a Sunday brunch, but it was a nice touch (the manager also came by to bring us a second basket).

French 131 ($12)

The French 131 was absolutely divine, I usually prefer a mimosa in the morning (especially brunch!), but decided to go with something new since I was trying a new restaurant. From my mediocre palate I hinted at raspberry liqueur as well as Belvedere vodka (something told me they wouldn't be using Grey Goose in a morning cocktail). After coming home and googling I discovered that the 131 was made with Chambord (which is black raspberry liqueur), Belvedere, pineapple and bubbles. 

Our food arrived seconds after our first round of bread was complete! 

Steak and Eggs ($27)

French Vanilla Waffle ($12)

The waffle was wonderful, not too soggy, not too crisp! I'm not always a hearty eater when it comes to mid-day brunch, so this was perfect for me. The fruits on top were so sweet and fresh! I think Stephen enjoyed his dish, the only downside was that the hash was a tad bit salty. After empty plates, we ordered from the dessert menu! We decided on the Tarte au Citron ($12) I cannot find the exact description online, but it included a portion or tarte with citrous dressing at the bottom, paired with marshmallows and granny smith sorbet. When eaten together, it became a perfect infusion of flavors.

Tarte au Citron ($10)

We've had the pleasure of sampling desserts from wonderful restaurants and although our favourite dessert place still goes to MoRoCo Chocolat, we agreed that this dessert dish itself is able to rival MoRoCo!

Check out my other posts about La Societe in the restaurants list!

For the rest of the day we shopped around Yorkville (I mean, who doesn't after eating at La Société) and around Holt Renfrew which has become such a hobby for us, me more than him. Though I do have to say his taste for Burberry and Ralph Lauren is wonderful (I think I have a huge influence on him on this part too, haha). It was also about time he knew which Prada bag I was (slowly) saving up for.

Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote in Black

I have been eyeing this bag for such a long time! And although I read the posts about Prada's craftsmanship and handiwork decreasing slightly in quality I just cannot let it go! I was so swayed on purchasing the mini (which is $1650), but he (and the salesman) persuaded me that for storage wise I would be better off purchasing a small (which to me is more like small-medium, but apparently the small-medium one is much bigger). Stephen can actually be extremely convincing when it comes to taste in bags and clothing (I know most of you probably might actually be awe-struck by this statement), but I trust him 100% when I'm confused about my styling or accessories/clothes that I may want to purchase, but doesn't always hang on me correctly. But anyways it looks like this will be my next big bag buy and he agrees that it looks good as well!  

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