Tiff and Eating with my Best Friend

My best friend Alyssa took me out today as an early birthday present! What better way to celebrate my birthday than to go out and eat at another restaurant we've never eaten at before?

We both simultaneously missed our original meeting time, I mean shouldn't busses at least tell you that they're going to arrive 3-5 minutes earlier? (I really hate when busses arrive earlier). Anyways we met at around 10 and made our way to Toronto!

Tiff Bell Lightbox was our first stop for the day and we went to go watch Museum Hours. I did some research prior to watching it and saw that it got extremely high reviews 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? That's pretty amazing. Here's the summary on Rotten Tomatoes: "tale of two adrift strangers who find refuge in Vienna's grand Kunsthistorisches Art Museum. Johann, a museum guard, spends his days silently observing both the art and the visitors. Anne, suddenly called to Vienna from overseas, has been wandering the city in a state of limbo. A chance meeting sparks a deepening connection that draws them through the halls of the museum and the streets of the city". 

The movie was cute, but it was only partially to my liking. I wasn't really engrossed by the two main characters, but more so on the art and what they and different people had to say about art and their perspectives.  However it's a slow movie and not for everyone's tastes. We both agreed that there were similar parts that we did like though!

We head back down into The Path to eat at Akco - a Japanese/Korean Restaurant, located inside First Canadian Place. I've passed by this place numerous times during late night walks in the Path to go to Union, but it was always closed. We saw it open on our way to Tiff and we decided that we would eat here! There menu is incredibly extensive - lunch, dinner, happy hour, Sushi Bar, group and dessert. I ordered the 12 Piece Salmon Combo and Alyssa ordered the 12 Piece Geisha Combo. The combo is on chef's choice and however they choose to create it that day! Miso soup and Organic Salad was served with our combo. Both tasted good, the soup wasn't too salty and made just right! You'd be surprised the amount of really salty miso soups I've tasted in my life...   

 Miso Soup and Organic Salad

Our food arrived promptly which was expected as the restaurant was empty around 1/2pm. The plating was really cute and it wasn't messy. The nigiri was a lot fresher than I expected, so was the maki! They made it really small which is what I love because I don't like to stuff my mouth and choke on seaweed because the portion is too big (it's happened before). 
Left: Salmon Combo ($11.95)
Right: Geisha Combo ($14.95)

And in all birthday celebrations, some form of alcohol must be consumed! We ordered the Ice Cream Shooters with Chambord. 2 for $6! I don't see it on their current online menu so I believe that it's a summer special right now. It was really good. I wasn't able to do the shot in one gulp because the vanilla ice cream was in the way, but the vanilla mixed with the raspberry liquor taste of the Chambord was nice. 

 Ice Cream Shooters w. Chambord (2 for $6)

I'm definitely going to come back to this location! They have a happy hour from 3-6pm weekdays where you get 30% off your entire bill if you dine-in. That will be the day I order tons of food!  Akco also offers sushi catering through their service right beside called Ho-Shim - I've heard really great things about it from co-workers that have their offices near the Path so I'm assuming that their sushi continues to be fresh as well through take out!

Akco Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon Ho-Shim Japanese/Korean on Urbanspoon

Afterwards we wandered The Path and managed to discover a bunch of new stores as well as stores we never really bothered to go into. The Path is basically Toronto's downtown underground walkway and is the worlds largest underground shopping complex! Often times everyone just accesses the Path to head to their office or get to their destination (us included), so for the first time we actually decided to just wander it's entirety. However, now that I'm looking at the map it seems that we might have missed certain sections in the Path! There's so many foods and coffee places we want to try, so we'll definitely be back.

A Lindt store also opened as well, it was really adorable however it's very similar to how Godiva is - a section where the chocolate chef is off working while you observe, attached to the chocolate boutique. Lindt also makes chocolate shakes and mochas, we didn't try them, but we'll be back to! The inside was very reminiscent of a luxury candy store - put them in a bag and go!  

After some wandering we were enticed by a salesman in a store called Elements. He was very... foreign-exotic (I'm sure you can picture that) and was very enticing with his speech and product! He basically grabbed my hands and started to buff my nails with cotton and silk while removing my nail polish and he did it so smoothly I wasn't the slightest bit taken aback because it felt so good! He really tried selling the product, and I was really interested in the lotion, but now that I'm researching it I can't find it anywhere! Also, I cannot find the store Elements. There are ones that are similar that offer spa and body treatments, but not the one we encountered today.

They offer facial treatments at regular facial treatment prices, but if I'm paying $200+, I'd rather go to somewhere more reputable like the Spa My Blend in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. I'm feeling a little bit iffy about Elements after doing some research, but only time will tell. 

It was a fun day! I don't think I get enough times to hang out with Alyssa because we're both always so busy working and we had summer school this past year. It's always fun, thanks so much!

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