Earl's Toronto, Ginza Sushi, and This Week (September 28)

It's been another non-stop crazy weekend and a lot of people are constantly asking me, "how come you always manage to fill up your schedule?" Well... here is my answer:

This is my schedule for the month of September and things are constantly being added (nothing is ever removed) and the day view only allows you to see two things maximum, but I often have 3+ things to do when I DO, places I have to be, meetings I have to be in as well as work that has to be done and handed in. I also (finally) went into work orientation and training this morning and I start next Monday! My shift will be from 8:30 am until 12:00 pm, but working at the hospital will be absolutely worth it.

The weather has been so bipolar this week too! It starts off so chilly in the morning then it becomes 20 degrees by the early afternoon, only to fall drastically again once early evening hits.

I'm really happy that it's appropriate to be wearing booties more often now! So I took out my favourite Kenneth Cole ones ($160 - now unavailable) a few times this week. The leather jackets are also coming out too which I love! I really want to buy another Wilfred scarf... a white infinity one but it's $85 and I'm going to be purchasing a lot of new work clothes so an $85 scarf doesn't seem right for right now. But yet I somehow justify eating out and buying $80+ sweaters from Aritzia? That's me I guess! 

I did do some minimal shopping at Aritzia a few days ago though! I bought a white beanie ($18) and new Wilfred tights! If you want to invest in a pair of tights that never rip (I'm serious they don't!) buy Wilfred ones. Yes... they are pricier at $25-30 / $40 a pair but the materials are wonderful and they're made in Italy. $50 for these two items seems a bit high for some people, but it's Aritzia and their items never come with regret! ... Except for the TNA Jackets which change colour in about a year, don't buy them!

I've had a busy week, but that doesn't mean that I can't still go out to eat at least once a week! .. That number may be a bit less as my midterms start for me next week.

Earl's Toronto
Okay so I've been to the Earl's chain of restaurants four/five times in my life and two of those times were at Square One... and I absolutely hated it. I really do not recommend ever going to the Earl's in Square one because food quantity is purposely lacking and service is absolutely horrible. However if you want a more top-notch Earl's experience go to the one located on King Street West in the Financial District in Toronto. Each location varies by menu selection and some items are seasonal! There are also daily drink specials (super cheap!) We went on a Monday which were Monday Margaritas for $5 (we didn't order any drinks because we went to JOEY's after for Bellinis).

Left: Clam Chowder ($7)
Right: Bourbon Mushroom 7oz Angus Top Sirloin

I ordered the Clam Chowder ($7) because I wasn't feeling really hungry (school has messed up my eating schedules again) and Stephen ordered the Bourbon Mushroom 7oz Angus Beef Top Sirloin ($26.50). I absolutely love the apps from Earl's and the soup is one of my favourites so it was perfect as always! It has the perfect load of garden vegetables. bacon, clams (they don't go easy on the clams) and cream. Every time steak is ordered at Earl's at a Toronto location I always think back to the one at Square One because the portion is always so incredibly little! The steak was cooked perfectly, but the demi glaze and herb rub were a bit saltier today. Everything else was of perfect portions.

Earls Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon

Ginza Sushi
I'm often so much more preoccupied with the other eats in Yorkville that I tend to overlook the simple and cheaper restaurants that I used to frequent in Yorkville when I was in high school. I was craving sushi last Friday and Blowfish was too far for us to go to so why not take Stephen to Ginza because it's a five minute walk away? Ginza has four locations in Ontario (I believe) and it's been a good few months since I've been back at this one. I love Ginza because their sushi is fresh, their portions incredibly hearty, and the price is reasonably low. I've been seeing a few reviews lately about how poor the service is in this location, but I have never ever had poor service at Ginza and this time was no exception!


Ginza has a hearty amount of sushi, ramen selections, udon selections, some thai selections as well as all-you-can-eat!  It could be said that we ordered a lot that day (I was actually so hungry). The miso soup and salad came first even though it was for our combo. I ordered the Beef Deep Fried Dumpling ($4) and it came with 5 pieces. The next to arrive was my Mixed Seafood Soup Noodle with Udon ($7) if you substitue the udon for ramen or soba it's $2 extra. I love that the portion is always so much more than you expect compared to the price you pay for!

Left: Miso Soup and Salad
Right: Mixed Seafood Soup Noodle with Udon ($7)

Stephen's Chicken Cutlet Soup Noodle ($7) came afterwards as well as the Ginza Combo for One ($13) which included the soup and salad. The combo includes one salmon avocado hand roll, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, 2 pieces of tuna sashimi, 2 pieces of white tuna sashimi and salmon sushi.  

Left: Chicken Cutlet Soup Noodle ($7) and Dumplings($4)
Right: Ginza Combo for One ($13)

The total came to a few cents under $40 and we were perfectly satisfied and full! I can't believe that it didn't cross my mind for such a long time to come here and eat again. 

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  2. Emily, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your booties! I know they're unavailable but could you tell me what they're called so I could try to track them down? I'm so obsessed...and it's hard for me to find booties I love this much. Please let reply to this post if you're able to figure out what they're called! :)))

    1. Hey hun ! Sorry I had to get back to so many recent comments, but they're from Kenneth Cole! I bought them last year ... I'm not too sure what they are called exactly but I can try and see if I can track them down.

    2. I just searched through my shoe boxes haha. They're called: Kenneth Cole Reaction: Heart of Gold ! Hope that helps !


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