Fall/Winter Shopping!

I decided to be very / not so very spontaneous today and decided to do some shopping for a few select pieces that I've been eyeing for quite some time, but never really let myself go through with.

So a good few hundred dollars later and a much lighter wallet, I can definitely say that this was the most satisfying shopping experience I've ever had (because I restricted myself from these pieces for about a year). The weather was so nice this afternoon so all I needed was a flowy white tank top and a pair of Rag & Bones plus booties and I was good to go. I also finally got a chance to take out my Mini M.A.C again - which I haven't been able to do since school started. It's been sitting on my bag shelf just collecting up dust in it's dust bag!

Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch ($250) | Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C ($255)

Before I get to the clothes I have to talk about food. I finally got a chance to eat Chipotle at Square One, which definitely took its sweet time opening! I absolute love food from Chipotle so I'll be eating burritos from there whenever I stop at Square! The menu is still the same as always and they still pack the same generous amount that they always do in their burritos. So so soooo good!  

Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Okay now onto the clothes part! I entered Aritzia with a full wallet and it seems like all their workers knew it. But I like to shop by myself and actually really hate getting pampered (unless it's at Holt's) so sorry ladies, none of you got sales commission today except for that wonderful lady behind the cash who told them to leave me alone and stop fawning over me (because I honestly did not have room to move without the SA's feeling like my bodyguards).

Wilfred Diderot Sweater ($95)

I have been going crazy over this sweater and wanting this sweater since last year Christmas time. I was secretly hoping that the price for this would drop but after almost a year I saw no chance of this sweater ever going on sale. So I woke up today and said to myself "I need cozy and professional work clothes and I'm buying that sweater today". The sweater comes in nine different colours and I do plan on purchasing another all white one or a grey (the pink in the above picture is now no longer made -so sad-) because I absolute love love love it! I bought an off-white colour with grey tints which is one of their newer colours and it's honestly so cozy and perfectly warm. This will now be my favourite sweater for almost everything so sorry if I start to repeat-offend a lot! 

It can be purchased online here.
Rag & Bone Rally Jean in Black ($258)

I really do mean it when I saw this, once you go Rag & Bone you never go back. I've been looking at the Rally Jean series for quite a while (they're available in white, moss, grey) and was debating on getting them in white, but I still prefer black over everything in terms of pants. I saw them in black finally at Aritzia - I haven't had much luck finding them in black and had to buy them! I also need black pants for work and jeans are allowed as long as they are in black so here's my excuse to purchase another pair! They're so incredibly comfortable as all Rag & Bone jeans are. 

They cannot be purchased on the Aritzia site because they are an in-store exclusive, but you can check them out here or purchase them on the Rag & Bone website here.

Left: Wilfred Tee ($55)
Right: Express Tank Top ($14 - on sale)

I also bought a Wilfred tee (which I can't seem to find on the website) ... and put it on in Express to take a picture of because I forgot to do so in Aritzia. I also bought an Express tank top! I saw this tank a month ago in four different colours (white, red, blue, black) and it was for $40, however lucky me wandered into Express and saw that it was $19.99 - with even further discounts! The tank top can still be found here! But order before it's too late!! 

That was my fun shopping haul today! I'm feeling so happily satisfied and can't wait to pair things together (even though my job requires me to be very black and white) it can still be fun!


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  2. Hi, love how the wilfred sweater looks on you. Would you mind telling me the size of it and how tall you are?

    1. The sweater is an xs (xxs is too tight on the arms I find) and I'm a little over 5"4 :)

    2. Ty, very helpful!!!

  3. I have the diderot in a lavender space wash. I actually got it on sale for $65! Sometimes, you just got to dig! It's the same wash as yours just in a lavendar color.


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