This Week (September 16), Guu, and Toronto Fashion Week

I'm currently taking a short break from studying my Infectious Disease class to do some blogging about what I've been up to the past four days and the exciting things that will be happening for me for next month (yes that does include the Toronto Fashion Week!)

Nothing too incredibly exciting happened this week, just a work orientation and another meeting so these were my two outfits: 

Left: 3.1 Phillip Lim Top, Armani Skirt
Right: Bebe Peplum Top, Rag & Bone Jeans

I think this Phillip Lim top will be my favourite top until it completely wears out. It matches with absolutely anything I am wearing on the bottom. One of the best purchases I think I've ever made in terms of clothing! I was also not a fan of wearing anything peplum before but a few weeks ago I saw this top and it was such a nice fit. I'm going to try and stay away from the generic black peplum tops and go for more whites if I ever see another that I like!

The eye bags are also slowly starting to come out as I'm getting 3/4 hours of sleep a night because I have classes until late at night, meetings, or just staying up and doing work and readings.

As with every week (unless I am incredibly busy) I work Mondays and go see Stephen in the afternoon or evening (depending when I am working/have meetings).

I gave him the 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt I bought him this past weekend! I think it looks so good on him and I'm definitely making a note to buy him more Phillip Lim later on. I went to one of his lectures (econ) and I completely knocked out, but I blame that on the fact that I woke up early to go to my work orientation...

I needed a wake-me-up after his lecture and decided to go to Summer's Ice Cream to get a refreshing scoop of sorbet! It was his first time at Summer's and the first thing he noticed was the wonderful waffle smell that encompasses the whole store. I usually get a new flavor every time I go, but the Mango-Raspberry Sorbet (a signature flavor) was the only thing I really wanted - a perfect mixture of sweet, tangy and sour. With their 24 flavors (as well as seasonal ones) and sorbets Stephen went with the creative Toronto Pothole (an original flavor full of chocolate and chocolate chunks).

We got two single scoops for $10, so good! Especially if it's fresh and fat-free (for mines) it was a good and sweet wake me up after a long and tiring morning that Monday. Summer's is the perfect place to go all throughout the season, it still is my favourite place to get ice cream in Yorkville.

Summer's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

I also took him to Guu for his first time that Monday as well. We made reservations really late (around noon) and although that usually isn't considered "late" in Guu terms it is. Seating areas for small parties (2 people) are incredibly limited unless you are at the bar because Guu generally accommodates easier for parties of 5+, just always remember to make reservations when you go! We got really lucky because even though we made our reservation for 5pm it didn't show up, thank goodness the manager still recognized me and let us in!

If you've ever been to Guu you already know how warm and inviting the atmosphere is, and if you haven't I'll let you guys go to experience it for yourself. I think I've been so busy eating at other places that I forgot how much I missed eating a Guu... I'll definitely be coming back in the winter time!

To start I ordered my absolute favourite drink from here: Cassis Peach Oolong ($6) with cassis liqueur, peach liqueur and oolong tea. Since I wasn't with a large group of friends and Stephen isn't a fan of straight sake and vodka I didn't order anything too traditional drink-wise. I've love this drink because it's so incredibly refreshing to me and the oolong / peach balance is great. I never notice when I finish it until I've reached the bottom and always get so upset! 

Right: Cassis Peach Oolong ($6)
Left: Ikapiri ($6.50)

We ordered minimal dishes because we grabbed some food beforehand. The first thing that we ordered and that arrived was the Ikapiri ($6) which is deep fried calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo. It's my favourite dish here because it's perfectly spicy and crunchy and flavour-filled. The portion is a little bit larger than above, I just forgot to take a picture of it before we ate it because I haven't had it in so long. 

The last two dishes that arrived were the Salmon Tataki ($6.80) and the Spicy Negitoro ($6.80). If there is one salmon dish that should be ordered at Guu, it's always this one. The tataki has seared salmon perfectly seasoned and flavoured with wasabi mayo and garlic chips, giving it a much more unique taste than regular salmon sashimi which can feel fatty and cold/bland tasting without wasabi and soy sauce. The Negitoro is always fun, but the portions so little because it's chopped! I found that it wasn't spicy enough that day and tasted a little bit bland, but it isn't a problem I've ever had before so maybe it was just this one time. 

Left: Salmon Tataki ($6.80)
Right: Spicy Negitoro ($6.80)

Dessert is always a must after our meals! We opted out of the generic deep-fried banana option and went for what we both love: green tea. We ordered the Cheese Cake ($5.50) with matcha green tea. 

Cheese Cake with Matcha Green Tea ( $5.50)

I usually opt for ice cream so this was my first time trying the cake. It was perfectly rich and moist, nothing too overwhelming and we finished it all, so good!

Guu Izakaya on Urbanspoon 

In other much more exciting news I will be attending this years Toronto Fashion Week presented by World Mastercard. It's going to be an incredible opportunity to be able to be able to attend the shows (although not all because I still have school) and be able to write about the experience as well as what will be featured for the next season!

The schedule for October is incredibly jam-packed:

On the Monday I will be attending Pink Tartan. David Dixon for me is still a maybe only because I do have to factor in that I have school and will be attending multiple shows randomly throughout the week too. Wednesday I will be going to the Mackage show - I've heard mixed reviews after the show from last year as being boring/silently exciting because nothing really changes. And although it's great that Mackage always has the signature fur and leather jacket look, I am hoping from something new other than just newer colours (which was basically their show during spring Toronto Fashion Week). On Thursday I will be attending Target, Soia & Kyo as well as Caitlin Power and Cara Cheung on Friday. I am most excited for Cara Cheung because her collections and dresses are absolutely beautiful and different than what is offered today. 

View the rest of her lookbook here.

I'll also need help with what to wear, especially during the first day of fashion week. Keep an eye out as I update my blog in a few days and send me messages about anything regarding it as well!

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