Cheaper Eats: Guava and Jack Astors!

It's mid October and I'm at the height of all things stressful. I got by last week with two hours of sleep a day and this week I've gotten three - it hasn't been going well. Coupled with the pressure to push myself to do really well this year and not get behind... I haven't been in the best mood. I can finally allow myself to take a few hours of a break to write this post (then go straight back to work).
I just got back from a well deserved pho and food gathering in Hamilton with some of my friends. I really do take it for granted, but it's so nice to just sit back and laugh and share everything. I've been so busy I just needed a break.

We went to GUAVA - a Vietnamese-Thai cuisine. It's one of our sponsors for this year and we love it because it's just really good, cheap food that we can't ever get enough of.

Here's some of what we ordered:
(we also ordered two plates of Chicken Bites ($8.99) and Spring Rolls ($3.99)

Creamy Wontons (8 pieces - $5.99)

Left: Chicken Pad Thai ($9.99)
Right: Chicken Mango Salad ($10.99)
And of course lots and lots of pho in different sizes!

GUAVA Vietnamese-Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Also stopped by Jack Astor's on Yonge and Bloor last week on Thanksgiving weekend. They rearranged their menu again so it was so difficult to find everything... It took me over five minutes to find my favourite pasta option!

I ordered the Asiago Chicken Bowties. I love bowtie pasta and I love asiago cheese. The chicken is always breaded perfectly too. I love food from Jack Astor's, but this is one of the things I will always continue to order. Stephen ordered the Sauced Up Chicken Fingers. It's available in three spice levels: mild, medium, hot or chilli honey sauce. Beware, the chilli and hot options are incredibly hot!

Left: Asiago Chicken Bowties ($15.96)
Right: Sauced Up Chicken Fingers ($13.68) 

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" - $499

Also splurged a bit for my dad's birthday which is coming up in two weeks: the newest Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet! It's beautiful, one that I wish I bought for myself, but I'm really content with the one I have now. Plus this tablet also doesn't fit my newly bought Marc Jacobs sleeve, so I would have to go buy another (which is not what I want to do!)

Look out for my next post in a few hours about the other miscellaneous, upcoming fashion week and Cartier!

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