Kate Spade Reveal and Bite Bar!

Before I get to the big reveal I want to talk about the cutest little bar sitting on Elm street in Toronto. Bit Bar isn't just a typical bar (although they do sell dessert-alcoholic drinks), it's a cupcake bite bar, and it's bites are absolutely adorable!

I've been meaning to head to Bite Bar for quite some time, but I've been putting it off because of the mixed reviews that I've been reading and hearing about. I finally decided to take a well-deserved few hours of a break on a Saturday and scheduled a much needed reunion with Alyssa a few weeks ago, as well as Jacquie and Angelica!

Bite Bar offers bites at $1 each, $5.50 for six, $10.50 for twelve and $20 for 24. They have cheesecakes (3 bites max!) for $3 each, marshmallow bars for $1.50 and ice cream for $3.25 ($4 if you top it with a bite!) They also have dessert inspired herbal teas for $2.25 - $3 or cocktails and martinis for $6-$9. To be honest I wasn't too interested in trying their alcoholic drinks (from their alcohol selection, nothing seemed to stand out to me) so we kept it to Bites! 

24 Bites for $20 - aren't they so cute?

We tried all of their flavours except for Cookies 'n Cream because they didn't have that today. However there was  a Vanilla Vanilla flavour (the one with blue icing) that they make every Saturday for Sick Kids which I thought was really cute. There was also a new Chai Latte Bite!

Here's a description of the Bites that we ate today:
  • Just Bite It! - Signature bite, vanilla cake stuffed with raspberry puree, topped with raspberry vodka buttercream icing 
  • Red Velvet - Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar crystals
  • Aye Cocoa! - Chocolate cake spiked with spice and topped with chilli chocolate buttercream 
  • Have A Mint! - Milk chocolate cake topped with minty buttercream, chocolate chip on top
  • Lemon Drop - Lemon cake topped with lemon buttercream and sugar crystals
  • Banana Splitz - Banana cake filled with strawberry puree, topped with chocolate and caramel buttercream swirl 
  • Mocha Chocolate - Milk chocolate mocha cake topped with caramel buttercream and coffee bean
  • C Cup - Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip 
  • Coco Nuts - Chocolate cake topped with fresh coconut buttercream and toasted coconut 
  • Strawberry Bitecake - Fluffy vanilla cake stuffed with strawberry puree, topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles
  • PB 'n J - vanilla cinnamon cake filled with strawberry puree, topped with peanut butter caramel buttercream

Left: Chai, Banana Splitz, Just Bite It!, Aye Cocoa!, C Cup, Vanilla Vanilla (middle)
Right: Red Velvet, Have a Mint!, PB 'n J, Mocha Chocolate, Coco Nuts, Lemon Drop (middle)

Overall the bites were really really good! The icing was never to moist or oily feeling and the cakes were moist enough. One bite for each was definitely enough. They are definitely really great mini cupcake gifts if you want to give something cute and easy to eat! My favourites were PB 'n J, Mocha Chocolate, Strawberry Bitecake and C Cup. I'm still on edge about whether or not I think Bite Bar is worth it for the price. It's $1 per bite... but I feel like it would be more worth it at $0.50 or $0.75 for a bite. They're really adorable though, and they do taste good... However I'm iffy about whether or not I got my money's worth today.  

Bite Bar on Urbanspoon

In other news, I am very very happy to say that I finally (after many years of looking at it) purchased the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka in black! I have been eyeing this bag since my early high school days on a shelf in Holt Renfrew and never once has it left it's place. I've been meaning to purchase it but every now and then something always comes up and I purchase that first. I was so incredibly excited when one of my friends at the Kate Spade Toronto shop quickly called me yesterday and told me that there would be a Friends and Family sale this weekend only on every item except the new collection. By sale, that means 30% off - and with 30% off on a bag that has never once gone on sale since I first laid my eyes on it. The price of the bag actually went up, I believe it used to be just shy of $300, but it is now $378. After tax, you can't escape $400. So with 30% off, I knew I had to purchase it! I was planning to buy it at the end of October anyways, so I already had the money in the bank!

I've been debating on and off whether or not I wanted to buy this in black or affogato (a pink-beige colour), but since getting a wallet in affogato from Stephen last February I noticed some colour transfer. I didn't want to take too much of a chance so I stuck it to black. The closure of the bag is a flap, however the zipper opens and is meant to fit a tablet (the pocket is quite deep and the tablet will act as a backing in the interior of the bag, look below for pictures!) After purchasing it and actually filling my items inside I realized how big the bag actually was. It may be called the 'Little Minka' but it definitely isn't little!

** I changed the Love bracelet to my left hand as my right hand just does too much writing and typing throughout the day. The rose gold is still there, no screws loose and just one little tiny scratch!

Left: Opening of the zip area - tablet is deeply snuggled inside
Right: Interior of the bag - it feels like a bottom-less hole!

The interior of the bag has a zip and double slide pockets. The closure is a flap with a magnet, which is different than the Minka and has a zip closure. Although the zip closure is a bit more secure, I've learned over the years that the material around the zipper closure tends to be one of the more delicate parts of the bag. I'll just keep a close watch on the magnet and protect my belongings! Here are some shots of the bag on me, excuse my arms... I have no idea why and when they started looking more muscular... I hardly even have the time to go work out.

Left: carried as a shoulder bag | Right: carried as a tote 

The strap is adjustable, but the length they adjusted for me is enough for my height. I think I'll be carrying it with the shoulder strap when the bag is light and with the handle when I have tablet, water bottle and all! I don't want to strain the shoulder straps - although after thorough research apparently the straps are incredibly durable. However I want to keep this bag for as long as possible so I will treat it with the utmost care. 

 Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka: $378

After the friends and family discount: $299 - what a steal! 

We also stopped by at JOEY's today for more filling food after our stop a Bite Bar. 

Summer Sangria ($6) - Saturday Special price!

Mushroom Soup ($6.50) | Spinach and Artichoke Dip ($12)  

Baja Fish Tacos ($14)
On a side note... I feel like the atmosphere of JOEY has changed a little bit.  The waitresses and hostesses seem a little bit more hostile than what I encountered with this past year through to the summer. I didn't recognize any familiar faces either, so I got a bit upset about that. When we asked for a table for four we got asked if we were all nineteen (uhm... what? Since when was that a requirement to eat there?) I feel like something was a bit off with their newer staff, but I'll probably be coming back again in another few weeks so I'll see how it i.

JOEY Eaton Centre on Urbanspoon

Two more days until the first show I'll be attending at Toronto Fashion Week! 

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