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Sorry for the longer-than-usual inactivity over the past week and a half (or has it been longer)? Since my last post I have been even MORE overwhelmed with school and my extracurriculars. I've also been feeling a bit under the weather during this time as well, I've been getting less sleep than usual. I got my flu shot about a two weeks ago (approximately) and that made me feel absolutely horrible and feverish. My laptop has also completely crashed with a busted hard drive so I've been losing a lot of sleep retyping all of my school work files by memory - thank goodness for a semi-photographic memory! There are a lot of things on that laptop that I cannot recover so that's also been bringing me down too. But here is a massive post on the (few - very very few) things I've been busy with and where I've been eating!

Dessert Kitchen

I finally had the chance to try Dessert Kitchen in Markham! I've been seeing pictures and posts about it for almost a year, but because the location is just too far without a car it just never gave me enough incentive to go. So after battling a bout of feeling horrible from the flu shot this year I decided to go with a few friends! Dessert Kitchen opens at noon daily and stays open until 3am (Saturdays) and 2am (Sundays). For some reason it seems to be a really popular spot for studying and university students, but the location seemed quite small to me. We went at around 10 pm on a weekend and it wasn't too packed! The menu is incredibly overwhelming... I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese desserts so I kept it either very traditional in my orders or went with things that sounded cool/different. The prices here are really affordable and you can definitely dessert satisfied for $20! Or even just $15! There are a lot of mango and green tea options here so if those are your preferred flavours, I definitely recommend visiting!

Sorry for there not being pictures for some, I lost a lot of pictures when my laptop crashed on me...  
Here are some of the items that we ordered with no pictures:

  • Summer Festival Ice Cream Sundae ($6.99)
  • Black Temptation ($6.99)
  • Yakult Panna Cotta ($4.50)
  • Wonderland ($5.99)
  • Serradura Green Tea ($4.99) 
  • Molten Lava Chocolate Cake ($6.99)
  • Wasabi Pepper Fries ($3.99)
  • Mango Golden Roll ($5.99) 
  • Green Tea Creme Brulee ($5.99)
  • Whole Watermelon with Mixed Fruits ($11.99) 
I'm sure if you google some of the items you should be able to find a few images online. Dessert Kitchen doesn't have a website nor do they have their full menu online to view, only a take out menu:

There were some dishes that stood out and some that I will never want to order again. It seems like adding ice cream or having ice cream in every dish is a requirement in this restaurant, which I LOVE. The items that stood out to me were the Summer Festival, Wonderland, Serradura, Green Tea Creme Brulee and Whole Watermelon. The Summer Festival was packed with the perfect amount of mangoes and ice cream! I ordered the Watermelon because I just wanted something other than all the mango options plastered on every page of the menu. I'm not usually a fan of coconut juice (which is included) so I told them minimal juice and more yogurt, it tasted so good! And there were plenty of strawberries on top of ice cream mmm! I'm a huge fan of green tea (if it's done right) so the Serradura and Creme Brulee really stood out to me. The Serradura was perfectly crispy and green tea smooth, and the same could be said about the Creme Brulee. If you love green tea, definitely order those two! I was surprised to see the Whole Watermelon on the menu, it was so creative and the watermelon offered is the perfect mini size! It was filling, so if you come and only order that, you should be good! You can add ice cream for a dollar too.

Being the typical Chinese that I am I had to order egg custards! The variation of them being in an egg was just adorable, and for $1 each it was worth it. I think the appearance of the serving added to how much I enjoyed it!

Steamed Egg Custard ($1 each)

What I will say about Dessert Kitchen is to avoid it when it isn't mango season... Over half of their menu is composed of mangos so.. when they aren't in season they will definitely taste sour of a bit funky. While the options are cute and some are tasty, the rest of the menu may leave some tongues feeling a bit bleh if it isn't to their liking. Sadly, the lava cake was nothing to be raved out... it was more of a hardened lava honestly. I'll be back to probably treat the boyfriend to all the green tea treats as well as the watermelon, but it isn't a place to continue going to for desserts.

Dessert Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Butter Avenue set up another pop-up shop two weekends ago at Holts and Stephen went to get me a few macarons, he really is the best!

Butter Avenue made a new flavour called Magenta Rose for Holt's (the macaron on the left) it was perfectly sweet! It's been another while since I've had macarons, let alone anything from Butter so my craving was definitely satisfied.

OJA Noddle House (Japanese and Korean)

We also went to OJA about a week ago (right beside Spring Rolls on Yonge street near Bloor/Yonge station). I haven't been to OJA in two years, but it was nice to revisit a cheap sushi place to satisfy some urgent sushi cravings! Nothing too special about the place, they serve Japanese and Korean food at a very affordable price. Dumplings seem very store-bought and sushi is just regular quality. 

Left: Spicy Salmon Maki: 6 Pieces ($4.95)
Right: Green Dragon Roll (don't remember the price) 

Oja on Urbanspoon

The weather has been getting colder and while I've been indecisive about when I should take my winter jacket out I know for sure that I needed to stock up on my Starbucks Hot Chocolate (so good!) The Snowman Cookies are back too, I was really happy to see them and ordered so many because I really really love these cookies during this time of the year.

I worked a very very early shift today at the hospital and completely KO'ed when I got back to Stephen's place... I managed to get another four hours of sleep in (which is considered a lot for me) and I wanted to just stay in bed forever, but there were things we had to do today and places we had to go!

Thank goodness my front camera doesn't make me eyebags apparent most of the time... I claim to hate when he squishes my face, but I secretly enjoy it. Love you lots! We had to go to Pacific Mall today, Stephen has two days off school (lucky...) and he just got a new phone, which means going to Pmall for the cheapest selections in phone cases and accessories! I've been wearing my mint blue blazer a lot lately, I ordered it from Dynamite minutes after they (finally) launched their online shopping page! It was originally $42, but got it for $20!

Axia Cafe (second floor of Pacific Mall)

I've been to Axia once before, but because I tend to frequent eating in the bubble tea place inside Market Village more I've neglected Axia a little. Revisiting it was nice today, I forgot how good and cheap their food was! 

There is also a much larger (and newer) Axia that opened in Mississauga a few years ago so check that out if Pacific Mall is too far for you to get to. They have many more food options and unique alcoholic drinks.

Left: Ramen (don't remember the price) 
Right: Assorted Sashimi ($14.95)


Axia has daily menu specials as well as bubble tea specials (they're attached to a bubble tease). I think I'll be visiting Axia again if I'm every back in Pmall (the other great restaurants in Markham are just too far to get to by bus).

Axia Resto Bar Cafe on Urbanspoon

Stephen also bought me a key chain yay~ I attached it to my Kate Spade bag so now if you hear a jingle you'll definitely know that I'm headed your way!  

Sorry for the inactivity everyone, after recovering from October my work load just didn't seem to end and everything seemed to crash and pile around me again. I'm getting a new laptop Wednesday though because as sad as it is, I need a laptop to function with my busy schedule and workload I can't wait it out until... boxing day (sigh). I'll be back in a week (if not sooner)!

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