This Week (November 11) and Food Outings!

Hi everyone! I am glad to say that my laptop finally (emphasis on the finally) came in on Friday! I had a list of five laptops that interested me and ALL five of them sold out on Wednesday... As upsetting as it was I absolutely had to have a laptop so I ordered one from the Dell website Wednesday morning~

My laptop is a little under 12 inches. After long debate I just needed something that functioned well and was convenient for me. Since all my work is done on my laptop I decided to go with something portable and cute! Windows 8 was horrible to get used to.. but after some constant googling with every problem I finally got the hang of it! 

The weather has been so incredibly bipolar this past week, and it's been cold enough for me to finally bring out my winter jacket (for two days). I bought this jacket two years ago as an alternative when the Mooseknuckle sold out in my size and preferred red colour and I still love it! So warm~ I love my Parasuco jacket but its a shame that they no longer make it with real fur - fur has always been my favourite part of a jacket!

A very good friend at Aldo Shoes sent me a pair of wedge boots featured in this seasons catalogue! I am absolutely in love with these Jorjanna boots. The exterior is leather (Aldo has finally stepped up from their PU/fake leather) and there is fur on the inside to keep my feet perfectly warm!


After another long week of studying and outings and staying up I finally managed to clear a few hours to see and go out with one of my friends! I've been so incredibly busy since school started and still have a few people that I need to catch up with and see, I promise I will get to you all soon! My schedule has just been incredibly killer since September...

Meet Lina everyone ~ We went to Holts for a bit today before our dinner reservations at Blowfish. Holts was having a 30% off 30 sale where 30 brands were on sale for 30% off! Brands worth noting that were on sale: Marc by Marc, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Tory Burch (in leather goods and footwear). McQ clothing was also on sale too, but all clothes that were remaining by the time we got there were of larger sizes - nothing that would fit me...

We got our picture taken for Holts' Northen Noel campaign! The pictures taken are displayed in the front windows during the winter shopping season!

After browsing and lusting over new Louboutin booties (mostly me) we made our way to Blowfish on King! I was a little bit disappointed when our server told us that they removed some items off of the menu (they got rid of the Battered Tuna makimono... WHAT?) So I was really really upset. I mean... I'm not going to go to a high-end sushi place and order spicy tuna/salmon right? Their website also hasn't updated with the new food items either..

Left: Interior of Blowfish on King
Right: Sweet Potato Chips

We arrived a bit early, but they seated us promptly! I was surprised (and slightly disappointed) that they brought us sweet potato chips rather than edmame to start... Why the change? This was Lina's first time at Blowfish (I frequent both locations a bit too often) so I was in charge of the ordering and she ordered a roll~

The first to arrive was one of their new selections: the Green Goddess ($13)

Green Goddess Makimono ($13) 
I did not take a picture of the updated menu but from what I remember the top was very powdered (sort of like mochi powder) and had traces of wasabi beans on top. Sesame coated the surroundings and avocado filled the roll. This one was a bit questionable to my taste... The sauce provided was what made it taste good, but it felt too powdery and not good enough to be worth $13. Again... why did Blowfish get rid of the Battered Tuna? 

The next dish that came was another one of their new creations: I don't remember the name but it was Ebi... something ($13)

This was really good! If I ever come back (slightly disappointed because of the new menu..) I will be ordering this one! The sauce was sweet and the mix of ebi made the roll taste wonderful! I didn't need to touch my soy sauce, the flavour was all there. 

The next two orders to arrive are my personal favourites and signature Blowfish dishes! Rock Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings. The Rock Shrimp came in a lesser portion than usual, but the price did change (it used to be $20 and I believe the price yesterday was $15?). The Lobster Dumplings now come in TWO instead of three. The price for two is $8 and we ordered four! 

Despite the minor changes, both of my favourite dishes were still as wonderful as ever! Our total was $58 for both people - soooo affordable and delicious. I do plan on heading to the Bay location in another month, I'll see if things there have changed as well.

Blowfish on Urbanspoon 

After dinner I went back to get some work done... I had a lot of work to do. But... my boyfriend can be quite distracting so we ended up heading out for frozen yogurt right before midnight! Sadly not many frozen yogurt places stay open on a Saturday when it's nearing midnight, but we decided to go to a more recently opened one located on Yonge Street in the Church-Wellesley Village.

Yogurt SpoonYogurt Spoon opened in May of last year and claims to be the "best tasting" and "most affordable". Their prices are now at $0.55/ounce (I believe it was lower when they first opened). The inside was really cute and many people were coming in throughout the night to get their yogurt fix! They offered 10 different flavours and I decided to stick it to one with mango. Stephen got Mango, Green Tea and Vanilla.   

They have a wide variety of toppings (more fruit choices especially) and that what I really love. For two cups (that weren't really so full with yogurt or toppings) the cost came to $12.49.

My verdict? I found their yogurt to be... really runny. Mines was runny, but maybe I just got unlucky? It also tasted too much like yogurt and not enough like the flavour that I picked. Maybe that is what some people prefer, but if I wanted to get frozen yogurt of a specific flavour, I want to taste that flavour.

I'll be back when all the other places close early on Saturday nights! But before 11pm, I'll be heading to the nearest Menchies on Yonge or Yoco Froyo in Yorkville.

Yogurt Spoon on Urbanspoon

We strolled through the Yorkville Village on our way back! They lit up the lights and Christmas tree yesterday, so pretty! 

Stephen's never-ending stomach pit craved for ice cream so we went to our nearest Timmies for some Coldstone! 

I'll be back in another week because the haul of never-ending assignments that are due are starting back up again and the end of the term is slowly approaching too! Have a great week guys~  

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