Harbour Sixty Steakhouse and my Recent Buys (+others)~

Hello everyone~ I just got home from a wonderful dinner at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse! It's been a little over a week and my school and work days just never let up! Actually... I worked more than I have this past week and this upcoming one as well will be even crazier! Before I talk about what I've been up to this week let me just tell you how my dinner at Harbour went!

Harbour Sixty Steakhouse
It's been two years since I've been back at Harbour Sixty and in that two years I've really missed eating a perfect steak. Lina and I were planning to go for a while but our schedules never managed to work out with each other. We decided last minute a few days ago to make a reservation for Saturday night however we didn't realize that not only were people eating their before a Maple Leaf's game, the team was also eating there as well. There was no hope to make a reservation online but because my company used to dine there quite often I made a quick call and voila~ they put us in for 7:30 PM on a Saturday evening!
* If you do plan on making reservations try and make them a month in advance... Harbour Sixty really is booked to capacity every night.

We arrived a little before our reservation at 7:30 pm! Harbour has vallet parking (no charge, but it's nice to tip if you can) if you are dining at the restaurant. Upon entering they will ask if you have reservations before taking you up the elevator to dine. Coat check is another accommodation as well~

Lina on the left~ Me on the right!

We were seated at our table promptly. I made a note in the reservation to ask for a table in a brightly lit area - the restaurant really is 50% brightness and 50% darkness. I was really happy to see that not only did we get seated in a brightly lit area, we were also seated right where we could see the food being made!
The kitchen is long an open - I was sitting close so not able to take a full shot.

I ordered a Cosmopolitan ($21) to drink. Harbour has an incredibly extensive (and very very expensive) wine list. Cocktails are also in a much higher price range so be prepared for that if you do plan on ordering a drink as a simple Cosmo will cost you a 20!

* many prices are NOT listed on the menu, but are available on the website so if you're a bit cautious on money definitely check out the prices first.

To start we ordered the Maryland Blue Crab Cakes ($25) accompanied with roasted corn salad and Poblano Cream. The crab cakes were deliciously spiced and not too heavy for a first appetizer. The roasted corn paired nicely without that overbearing corn taste that often accompanies every bite. The bread for some reason came after our crab cakes (which is fine no big!) The bread came with two butter and two different types of cheese spread (both delicious) as well as olives (not a fan of those).

Left: bread and dip | Right: Maryland Blue Crab Cake ($25) 

After completely devouring the crab cakes and bread our steak arrived shortly. The first time I came here I ordered the Porterhouse Steak ($60) I highly recommend going with that as your first time choice here! It's a huge portion though.. This time around I ordered something smaller and simpler to see if they could make the simple taste expensive: the 10oz Filet Mignon ($55). Lina ordered the New York Strip Steak ($65) which is slightly larger than my 10oz. The steaks come on a hot plate so be careful!

The sides come in large portions as well so I recommend sharing them as well (one whole side to yourself can be quite overwhelming). We ordered the Truffle Mac and Cheese ($13) and Lobster Mashed Potatoes ($15).

Left: Truffle Mac and Cheese ($13) | Right: Lobster Mashed Potatoes ($15)

The Mac and Cheese wasn't too heavy (which was what I was a bit afraid of) and had a wonderful flavour. However cheese spreads were served with our bread so there was a bit of a too-much-cheese feeling. One side that is absolutely wonderful is the Lobster Mashed Potatoes. I can't ever rave about this side enough. The mashed potatoes are wonderfully flavoured, never salty or bland. There are generous portions or lobster found all through (the bowl looks tiny, but the portion is huge!). And yes there are huge chunks of lobster as well (seen on the top of the bowl).

After our mains, we were absolutely stuffed (I definitely was) but since it was Lina's first time here the classic dessert must be ordered! Desserts *used to* have to be pre-ordered when you were choosing your menu items however that isn't the case anymore - only if you are ordering the souffle! We ordered the Baked Alaska for Two ($18) which is a hazelnut and chocolate gelato served on top of a Torte with glazed meringue surrounding that would be "baked"!

There is a raspberry-like sauce surrounding it and assorted berries around. I love this dessert because it's fun however the taste isn't the best. The gelato is wonderful however the meringue after it is baked... is not. Often it has to be scraped off. Also when eating the sauce around or the berries make sure that it hasn't been in the ring of fire area on the plate (you will see a black puddle once the dessert has finished burning and the waiter splits it and puts it on separate plates) - it will taste like smoke!!

Baked Alaska for Two (cut in half! - $18)  

I love Harbour Sixty... it really is one of my favourite restaurants, but it's an indulgence that should only be revisited once a year if not once every two years. The next time I go it will be more of a seafood fest for me! 

I'm wearing a Herve Leger dress in the picture on the left. You can't see my shoes but I paired the dress with a pair of YSL's. I wasn't able to change my bag because I was working all day so rocking my Kate Spade (I really do love my bag though)

Harbour Sixty Steak House on Urbanspoon

Prior to going out to eat we met up after I finished work to get our hair done, change, and shop a bit. Actually... it was more me doing the shopping and then enabling her to do some of her own. I got my hair curled and so did she~ Yes... I know it's a bit ridiculous to pay $35 (not including tax) to get hair done but we didn't have curlers or the time to do it ourselves.. They did a good job though, I'm happy with the results.
Getting our hair done~
I was going to spend a lot more at Aritzia... but I think this is the first year I've bought out... everything... there wasn't anything "new" that captured my eye anymore. Until they release their new collections I won't be back. I did pick up a black New New York shirt by La Notte ($35) as well as a bright blue bustier on sale for $10 (original price $30). I was looking for the t-shirt for quite a while but never found my size until today!

This past week I also caught up and ate a quick dinner with one of my friend's Angela who I haven't seen in months. We didn't get a chance to take a picture, but next time we will! We happy ate at Earl's Square one. To share we ordered the Warm Three Cheese + Spinach Dip ($11.50). Earl's supplies you with more bread if you run out for free~

I knew the spinach dip would be filling (we munched on so many pieces of bread and spinach) so I ordered the larger portion of my favourite Clam Chowder ($10) while she ordered the Pecan Chicken Rocket Salad ($16.50). The clam chowder as always was perfect and the salad came in a huge (but very healthy) portion that had to be packed up for later because there was so much!
Left: Clam Chowder (large - $10) | Right: Pecan Chicken Rocket Salad ($16.50)

It was also her birthday recently so I gifted her a little Swarovski which she seemed to really love. I have this hatred towards Pandora... it looks so tacky and stupid to waste money on.. but Swaovski has definitely changed my mind towards their charm bracelets over the years. 

Also after doing some shopping around I found out that I'm a size xs in Mackage. I normally fit xxs (as I do in their leather and wool jackets) but since I will be wearing a sweater/blazer inside the xs was a perfect snug fit. I'm actually debating if I should sell my Parasuco jacket... They no longer make their jackets with real fur anymore so I think it would be good to get rid of it if someone wants a more affordable jacket with fur attached? I'll keep you guys updated on that!

Now... I'm actually thinking about (finally) investing in the Prada Saffiano luxe double-zip tote. There was a price increase that just occurred and another one will be happening before the end of the year. There is one colour that I've been eyeing - the pale grey which was only carried in some stores but they have brought back this wonderful colour this year! I slept on my decision (many nights) and really do think that it's time for me to take the plunge. But something... is still holding me back. It may be the emergence of hoards quality issues that I've been tracking down lately with this bag. I have the bag on reserve for a little longer. So hopefully I'll be able to definitely make up my mind soon..

February is coming up soon and it's a more difficult time because it's also Stephen's birthday. For those who I have told, you all know how wonderful his 20th birthday will be because of what I've arranged... and that definitely isn't all free! It's also midterm month so I will apologize in advance because I will become very m.i.a during that month. Anyways, this week is now done and I'm so excited for next week because I am reuniting with one of my friends, Nori who I haven't seen in five years!

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