The Largest Update (it's been almost four weeks, sorry!)

Since my last post I've been even busier with school and work (taking third year courses ended up being more overwhelming than I though). My schedule has been work, school, shopping and eating and repeat x100 times over. Hopefully you guys won't mind the gigantic catch-up post, here we go~

A few weeks ago I caught up with a long-time, but haven't seen her in an equally long time friend, Nori! Looking back, I can't believe we didn't take any pictures together... I completely regret it. I haven't seen her for about five years and it was just a wonderful night of catching up and drinking a lot of sangria and good food at JOEY. If you're reading this, I will see you soon after I drag myself through the rest of school this term!

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Dunk n Dip
I also finally had time to check out one of Mississaua's newest and most recently talked about dessert places: Dunk n Dip. They're located on a street near Lakeshore (Port Credit) in a little boutique like cafe (it's very easy to miss it when you turn on the street) there's parking available at nighttime in front of it so it's super convenient! The prices are cheap - similar to Demetres, cheaper than Spin and what enticed me to go was always the dessert pictures that everyone kept on posting! I went with Stephen and one of our other friends.

What I wore: Aritzia Bustier ($30) | Iris and Ink Cashmere Cardigan ($150) 

There are no prices available (there website is a mess and no prices are available...I also did not get a chance to take a picture of the menu). I ordered Fruit on a Stick (left) which is exactly what it sounds like! You get an assortment of fruit drizzled with your choice of their signature milk, dark, or white chocolate (there is a fourth but not sure). Our friend Mike decided to get a Waffle on a Stick. To be honest.... there's nothing that appetized me about it... very plain. Stephen got Belgian Waffles (with fruit and your choice of ice cream flavor). We all chose to get our choices drizzled with milk chocolate. After ordering they bring you little individual cups with marshmallows inside. Marshmallows to dunk in dip are given out so often... a bit too often I get sick of the taste and looking at the marshmallow. 

*just a note: the first bottle of water that is shared between everyone in the table is free. Afterwards there is a $1 charge for extra water (?! what?!) 

Left: Waffle on a Stick | Right: Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream + Fruit 

Anyways our menu choices came super quickly! The food was decent and the fruit was fresh but I found their chocolate to be incredibly dull. I love heaps of fruit though, so I'll probably be back! 

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Other food cravings around that time were Earls and Moxie's Square One. I absolutely love Earl's, and have grown to love it even more when JOEY is just too far and I'm craving spinach dip or soup or a great bellini. In terms of Moxie's... I think it sucks now. I love dips and this was the first time I ordered their Goat Cheese Dip and I didn't enjoy it. Also the bread given was so squishy and soft... what was I possibly supposed to scoop up with soggy bread?

Left: Moxie's Goat Cheese Dip | Right: Earl's Spinach Dip

One of my purchases I made over the past few weeks was another Alexander McQueen scarf, but twill size! I'm absolutely in love with it and the grey colour. It's 100% silk and very lightweight. 

I also splurged (actually not really) on a new pair of booties from Nine West! They were originally $200 but I snagged them for a little over $50 because they had a huge sale. I was lucky in grabbing the only and last pair of size 5s available. They're 130mm and... a bit deadly to walk in, but I just have to break them in and I'll be able to walk in them like all my other once-deadly heels. 

It was also Stephen's birthday last week! I pre-ordered tons of macarons, chocolates, and a cake because he loves macarons and what place is better than Butter (in Ontario)? For the past two weeks you were able to pre-order special edition heart macarons and for the first time ever, chocolates! Tomorrow is the last day, but only for pick ups and in-store purchases so go go go!

The heart macarons (6 in a box) are $23.00 tax included and features some of their signature flavors. There was also a lemon that was included that was perfectly tangy! I wish they made a lemon macaron to purchase. The chocolates come 8 in a box and are $22.00 tax included. The colours of the heart are supposed to tell you what flavour the chocolate is, but it was a huge guessing game for me. I enjoyed some flavours (matcha, lemon, coffee, vanilla, chocolate) but some flavours I couldn't figure out or tasted too strong. As cute as the chocolates were, I definitely won't be giving their chocolates another try (sorry Butter!). And as always, another 20 box of macarons with all the flavours we love! 

For Stephen's cake I ordered a medium sized Terre et Neige (it looks bigger than the picture). Butter has the ONLY green tea cake that I can't ever get enough of - chocolate and green tea mousse! As always it tasted wonderful. For those who want to order a cake from butter it MUST be pre-ordered and paid for beforehand - you can contact them through their order email 
Some of their cakes are seasonal though! But the regulars are always available to be ordered.

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For dinner I took him to indulge at Blowfish on Bay! He wanted to eat sushi for his birthday (even though I wanted to take him to a steakhouse. We ordered the regulars as Blowfish is always filling.

A sushi-themed birthday card seemed appropriate~
We ordered: Shrimp, scallop and lobster spring rolls, Spicy rock shrimp, One-bite wagyu beef dumplings, Lobster dumplings, Miso-Seared black cod, Tuna on crispy rice. We also ordered the mayan ebi, but it isn't included in the picture.
A lot of people have been giving Blowfish a lot of criticism lately. I'll guarantee you that if you order what I usually order (and come with a full wallet) it'll be all worth it. The food comes out in a timely matter, you're never rushed (as long as you reserve in the correct seating) and is always perfect.

After another almost week, I've caught up to today! I've been having an increasingly stressful week with midterms galore and essays due. I also haven't been feeling well health wise and had a huge allergic reaction two days ago (cause still unknown) that I'm still recovering from. However none of that stops me from going to work, school and getting some shopping done! I purchased a little more than I should have today... But I'm stressed and that's the only way I feel better. 

I purchased an Armani sweater today... it's comfortable, heavy, but most importantly warm. I'm a little worried about how white it is (I'm really going to have to keep it clean) but I love how it fits on me. I also last minute purchased a new Moschino Saffiano Tote an hour ago! There are three things that I love about this tote: 
  1. The beautiful print
  2. The saffiano leather 
  3. It's Moschino!! 
 It should be arriving in about a week (we have a long weekend this week... grr) but when it does arrive I'll do a big and exciting reveal. Anyways, that's about it for now! I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow (i'll be working and spending way too much money on myself to feel better about this day... I hate Valentine's Day). Have a great week! 

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